Your Weekly Metal Playlist 07.12.19

By July 12, 2019 metal reviews

Yellow Eyes – Rare Field Ceiling
Yellow Eyes fucking delivers on the weird and abstract yet meticulously infectious and dismal black metal. Yellow Eyes sounds like what an ancient tomb might sound like and their archaic yet beautiful sound brings life to the darkness.
Rainer Landfermann – Mein Wort in Deiner Dunkelheit
Rainer Landermann was one of the older Bethlehem vocalists on their second and third album. Now he has a new solo album (conveniently released close to the same time as the new Bethlehem) that is a weird, avant-garde, experimental, metal album. Crazy vocal exercises, bizarre musical compositions, heavy guitars, and super German sounding in its mechanical, crushing approach. Two thumbs up for creativity.
Memoriam – Requiem for Mankind
Memoriam is always going to be the not Bolt Thrower Bolt Thrower and that’s totally fine. They scratch that Bolt Thrower itch perfectly well, but yeah, they aren’t Bolt Thrower. That being said, I feel like this new album is a step up from that crazed production and somewhat lazy songwriting that dominated the previous album The Silent Vigil. To that affect, it’s chunky riff laden, war themed death metal in all the Bolt Thrower-y ways you could want.

Abbath – Outsider
Straight up, I was not at all impressed with Abbath’s previous and first solo self-titled album. In fact I thought it was god awful. The man has shown such metal prowess with Immortal and the criminally underrated I album (which I like even better than Immortal) that it was such a bummer to hear him sort of lazily make his way through an album. It’s especially hard to hear when the new Abbath-less Immortal put out their stunning new album. But I want to like Abbath. I think the dude is hilarious and he was getting the dander up on all the trve kvlt asshole black metal fans with the album pre-order corpse paint makeup kit that it’s hard not to like him so I’m willing to give him another shot and you know what I’m glad I did. The new album is enjoyable. Not great, but enjoyable. I admire his desire to try and infuse some old old old Venom type fun back in to black metal so I’ve got to give him props there, he made a fun black metal album. It’s no Immortal, new or old but it gets the job done. And the cover art is hilariously awesome lol.
Material Support – Specter
A quick, punk blast of righteous political outrage and aggression. Exactly what punk should be.
Immortal Bird – Thrive on Neglect
A lot of hype swirling around this band and one listen through it’s easy to see why. Incredibly passionate and immediate blackened, sludgy, crust with such mesmerizing vocals and intensely addictive songs. Easily their best outing yet and super fucking crucial.
Bull of Apis Bull of Bronze – Offerings of Flesh and Gold
Some more Denver black metal for you. Bull goes for that atmospheric, cult-ish, kind of cosmic, big open spaces sound that reminds me at parts of something like later Ruins of Beverast (though not in the same league) or more sinister oriented atmospheric black metal band. It’s a good outing and some great moments on this album and another awesome entry into an already bustling scene.
Turilli & Lione Rhapsody – Zero Gravity (Rebirth and Evolution)
The third version of Rhapsody and one of two Rhapsody related projects released this year, Zero Gravity finds original Rhapsody composer and singer Luca Turilli and Fabio Lione collaborating again with all the Italian bombastic, grandiose operatic power that you’d imagine from a Rhapsody project involving these two genre masters. It’s definitely an aural experience of the grandest order and while it is sonically similar to their previous Rhapsody joints, it’s more in the symphonic side of the power metal pool, but ever explorative because Luca is never satisfied with standing still. It’s actually an amazing album and beautifully composed, cheese and all. Hail power metal!

A Pregnant Light – Broken Play
I’m always in to whatever A Pregnant Light and his “purple metal” project is up to because it’s usually always interesting and clever. This is no different but alongside the intense emotional element that is key to his music, he’s really upped the aggression. This album veers damn near thrash and crossover and a couple moments actually remind me of Power Trip. Crazy, I know, but it works with his emotionally huge sound. Always something awesome from this project.
Waste of Space Orchestra – Syntheosis 
A lot of hype around this project and it’s not hard to see why. A collaboration between members of the infinitely awesome Oranssi Pazuzu and doom band Dark Buddha Rising so naturally you’d expect a bizarre, psychedelic, heavy as fuck album, and it’s that to be sure. Massive sounding even. Weird, huge, sludgy, doomy, avant-garde even. It’s a behemoth of an album and a lot to take in so it will demand multiple listens but boy howdy is it good.
Dream Troll – Second to None
Dream Troll where making some pretty rad power metal but then on their 2018 EP The Witch’s Curse they just blew the fucking lid off the joint with their energetic, multi-genre and style mash up of power metal and it was so captivating and refreshing to hear a band go so balls to the wall experimental with power metal. My expectations where high for a new full-length from them and seeing as how killer power metal has been this year the odds were even more on their side and fucking hell did it all come through. Maybe veering more into a theatrical heavy metal place, Dream Troll can’t be nailed down and the album is an expressive explosion of genre ingenuity and catchy as hell heavy metal. Not at all disappointed.
False – Portent
It’s a nice feeling and a great surprise when you hear an album that is simply remarkable that you weren’t expecting. That doesn’t mean that when you’re expecting a band to deliver a remarkable album and they do that that power is any less diminished. I was 100% expecting False to deliver something amazing with their newest album and they certainly did but after actually hearing it it’s even more incredible than I’d thought. That’s an amazing feeling and False are an amazingly beautiful, poignant, and un-fuckable with, straight up American black metal band. Fucking dazzling.
Jute Gyte – Birefringence
I don’t even know what to say about Jute Gyte. His chaotic, multi-tonal and bizarre time structured black metal is always interesting to me. He’s like the museum equivalent of black metal. You go to the museum to appreciate the art and while you’re there you can engage with it and look at it and enjoy it in the context but it’s not an everyday thing. You can’t jam Jute Gyte on the way to work. It would drive you mad.
Panopticon – …Scars II (the basics) 
So last year Panopticon released the brilliant The Scars of Man on the Once Nameless Wilderness I and II. The double album was split into one side being the well known, Panopticon style metal and the second side a more stripped down and natural, folk/country inspired side of the project. So this release is an even more stripped down version of the folk side of Scars. In fact it’s just main man, a guitar, and those songs recorded live, and to me, this is a more direct and impactful version of those songs. I love Panopticon and everything he does but I kind of felt the second part of Scars would have been better served as it’s own release. This version feels more like that. Like it’s own thing, which is rad. But Panopticon does what Panopticon wants and is only true to himself and that’s a big part of what makes the project so profoundly amazing and this is another awesome addition to that lexicon.