I make comic books and talk a lot about heavy metal.

Mostly I just like to share all the stuff that excites me, which is mainly heavy metal and art. Sometimes the two ideas come together in one sweet symphony of balance. You’d be hard pressed to find my without headphones on and metal blasting in my ears.

I’m half of publishing company Creephouse Comics where I draw comics about monsters, aliens, and volcanic bears.

I’m soon to be happily married and spend the rest of my time staring at the world’s best pug.

FUQs (Frequently Unasked Questions)

Top Ten Metal Bands:
1. Darkthrone
2. Panopticon
3. Blind Guardian
4. Wolves In the Throne Room
5. Amebix
6. Overkill
7. Edge of Sanity
8. Visigoth
9. Falls of Rauros
10. Primordial

Born: September 10th, 1981

Your Pugs Name: Lucy

Favorite Golden Girl: Dorothy

Favorite Monster: Creature from the Black Lagoon

Favorite Book: Just a Couple of Days

Favorite Episode of the Simpsons: El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer