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Me and DINK 2019

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Booze and Burgers

Every year for the past four (four, yeah, four I think…) the Denver Independent Comics & Art Expo, otherwise known as DINK is held in scenic downtown Denver and every one of those four (?) years I have been set up there as a vendor with my comics. Born from a schism of the powers that be at the Denver Comic Con (now the Denver Pop Culture Classroom or some such shit) DINK’s prime directive is to bring a focus to indie comics and indie creators of various walks of life that the major “pop culture” cons (don’t you just hate that phrase) neglect. And they succeed, admirably, year after year. It’s a great show all around with creative guests making brilliant works that are magnificently inspiring. It’s intoxicating being around so much creativity and so much originality. DINK is the antithesis of pop culture cons. No massive movie stars, no endless rows of crappily made fan art bullshit prints, no nickel and dime-ing their guests to death, and no cosplay. Not that they would turn cosplayers away but it’s not the kind of con that appeals to that.

And I fucking love it.

All that being said, sales wise I’m slipping at DINK. I’ve often thought most of my comics work finds itself in this weird middle ground between mainstream and indie. There’s a certain appeal and cultural aesthetic to both and I don’t think me or Creephouse really fit in with either though if I were picking I’d much rather be 100% in the indie camp. Regardless, I think I’m a bit of an outsider for DINK and that’s perfectly fine but when I have low sales shows it naturally makes me reflect on what I’m doing creatively. I’ve been in the midst of a different approach with my comics and art and wondering if any sort of art convention is even the right place for me anymore. Or if my art is even what I want to be doing?

Crisis. Crisis, I know, fucking artists, but one thing that DINK does every year despite how many fucking dollars I’m making is reassure me that indie is 100% where it is fucking at and I hope this show goes on in that spirit forever.