Your Weekly Metal Playlist 07.26.19

By July 26, 2019 metal reviews

Equipoise РDemiurgus 
I don’t know why super melodic and techy death metal all about sci-fi has been hitting the spot so hard for me this year but it has and this Equipoise is blowing my socks off. You see, the band is made up of a bunch of players from other tech oriented death metal bands like Vale of Pnath, Beyond Creation, and Inferi, but also has a couple members from the recently awesome power metal band Eternity’s End so there’s the combination of over the top tech death melody combined with the theatrics of Euro styled power metal that combines into an oh so sweet mash up of power and riffs and blasting awesomeness.
Falls of Rauros – Patterns in Mythology
I don’t know how to sell you on Falls of Rauros if you aren’t already except to repeat, exceedingly, how they’re one of the best black metal bands going now and that they outdo themselves with each and every album. My love of this band knows no bounds and this newest album is all the beauty and depths and amazement that is Falls of Rauros.
Halshug РDrom 
The third album (somehow I missed the second) from the Danish, punk outfit. While still keeping that crusted edge about, there’s a massive influx of more rock n’ roll centered rhythms and structure. Just makes the whole album feel more of a party jam when they aren’t blasting full force in your face. Good times and good fun.
Desecresy – Towards Nebulae
Desecresy just out here quietly making and releasing nasty as fuck and grimy as hell Finnish death metal while all you nerds are screaming about Tomb Mold and the 18 different versions of Batushka.
Stworz – Moj Kraj Nazywa Sie Smierc
I feel kind of bad because Stworz puts out a new album every couple years, and they’re killer, and I totally get way into it, then I completely forget about them until the next album and the process starts all over again. So on to the new album, which is in fact another awesome, folk infused and melodically insane, Polish offering of atmospheric black metal. So fucking catchy and so tasty. The curse of consistently killer bands is to go under the radar.
Vagrant – The Rise of Norn
If you like the idea of “epic” death metal but can’t handle the overly indulgent cheese-fest that is Fleshgod Apocalypse then Vagrant may be the band you’re looking for. Not with out their layer or processed lactose, Vagrant go all in on just catchy as fuck and endlessly melodic riffing while using some symphonic elements to get that “epic” style going. At moments closer to symphonic black metal than anything else it’s main focus is the riffs and that infectious quality of said riffs. Just a magnificently fun ride, well played and executed for all you riff monsters out there.
Hyalithe – As If Sunlight Could Warm the Deceased
This is a new project from the one and only main man of Eneferens. Kind of like Saor is to Fuath, Hyalithe is the winter to Eneferens summer. It’s a colder, bleaker, rawer, more traditional, Burzum-esque kind of atmospheric tinged black metal but still highly and pervasively emotional just like the Eneferens project. Dude is two for two as far as you ask me so whatever else he decided to do I’ll be on board with.
Vicious Irene – Sacrifice
I don’t know what Swedish Grrrl-crust is, seems like a crustier, nastier, offshoot from the Riot Grrrl, which sounds fucking awesome to me. Vicious Irene are playing with straight up punk, crust, black metal, and a healthy dose of grunge tinged bands like L7. A lot of L7 and this album fucking rules all over. More punk like this, please.
Storm of Sedition РHowl of Dynamite 
A fucking face pummeling awaits you upon listening to this Canadian anarchistic blackened crust hardcore band. Storm of Sedition share members with similar leaning band Iskra, which makes sense as soon as you fucking hear Storm, but Storm takes it one step further and declares war on literally everybody. Angry as fuck crust punk FTW.