Your Weekly Metal Playlist 08.09.19

By August 9, 2019 metal reviews

High on Fire – Bat Salad EP
It’s High on Fire covering Celtic Frost and Bad Brains. If none of those words appeal to you then probably just move along. If they do, this is an awesome 15 minutes of High on Fire.
Lord – Fallen Idols
Australian power metal that is like the best parts of Armored Saint and Iced Earth but wrapped up in fucking crazy catchy riffs and solos and covered with a solid layer of Euro Power Metal excess. Also, the song “Master of Darkness” is a power metal opus about Darth Vader. Be still my beating heart. Fucking super fun. Power metal continues to dominate 2019 like no fucks are given.
Hulder – Embraced by Darkness Mysts
I super, rough around the edges but full on love letter to 90’s styled, second wave, Scandinavian black metal by this one-woman, black metal band. Super satisfying and pounding and with enough modern flair to not just simply be a nostalgia trip.
Grima – Will of the Primordial
This is super fucking hitting the spot right now. Highly melodic and atmospheric Russian black metal with a tinge of folk instrumentation and fucking immaculate song writing. Simply Beautiful.
Strung Out – Songs of Armor and Devotion
Pop punks answer to metal, Strung Out continues to write the most catchy and riff infused punk around, even this late into their career. Still on top of their game if you ask me Strung Out is woefully underrated and overlooked especially when most of the 90s pop punk bands have faded away or just put out nothing but shit.
The Howling Wind – Shadow Tentacles 
Steath-ly dropping their new album after 6 years, The Howling Wind blast faces off and blow brains apart with their down and dirty yet occult-ish, soundscape-d black metal madness. Fucking crusher.
Lord Gore – Scalpels for Blind Surgeons
I wasn’t familiar with Lord Gore or they’re long history and prolonged absence but based on the killer cover art and brutally down to earth, no pretense, no genre worshipping, straight to it, fucking ridiculous death/grind they’re playing here, I wish I’d been more familiar with them before now.